Himi City 2
Photos & Written by Naoko Kumagai

Morning in Himi

The morning in Himi begins very early. Before dusk I walked the shoreline to go to see the bidding at the market. All I saw was the light glowing way ahead in the distance, guiding me as I kept moving forward.

The bidding was a lot more calm than I expected it to be, but that calmness, to me, seemed as if it was connoting a strong sense of life.

The sun had risen and the sky was bright. Light was showing through the breaks between the clouds. Suddenly feeling urgently hungry, I hurried my way back to catch breakfast.

As I made compliments as so to the lady master, she told me they go to the early morning fish market everyday for fresh seafood, and according to the master, whom he cooks all the meals, said there was a lot of good catches this day.

After finishing the meal, I took a morning hot bath. What a great way to begin the day.

When I returned to my stay, “Guesthouse Ao”, there was the delicious smell of cooked rice in the air, and on the table was a beautiful looking breakfast dishes. It may owe quite a lot to the early morning exercise of 2 hours walk, but even if not, you rarely get to eat such great tasting morning meals.

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