Kurayami Records, in Kagurazaka

On February 23rd, 2017, I went to a live house in Kagurazaka with 5 friends. We were there to participate in the music event “Kurayami Records,” which was advertised with the tag line “Immerse yourself in sound in the dark.”

When I think of live houses in Kagurazaka, I usually think of “Explosion,” but the venue we went to that day was “TheGlee,” which mainly features jazz and classical performances. When we reached the elegant acoustic hall at a few minutes’ distance from the Kagurazaka-shita intersection, people were lined up on the stairway to the underground entrance, waiting for the opening.

The event opened at 19:00. The presence of TV cameras and press arm bands demonstrated the buzz it was generating. There was a warm-up time before the performances began, and guests could enjoy free drinks. When I started to head to the order counter, I was told the staff would serve us, so I ordered champagne. I got carried away and drank several glasses one after another. Glancing at one of my friends, I saw that he also had champagne in one hand and was happily chatting with the woman next to him. Everyone was enjoying the unusual atmosphere.

Right about the time I suddenly began feeling the effects of the alcohol, the really unusual part began. Donning eye masks, we were thrown into the darkness, into a world where nothing existed but sounds flowing from high definition speakers.

This is a personal thing, but I sometimes find that if I close my eyes during a live music performance, I can enter a world of pure sound. The enjoyment of visual aspects is a part of live music, and I’m sure artists also perform with that intention. But there is definitely some aspect of sound that becomes visible when you close your eyes.

Remaining in my seat, I continued to face the front and listen intently to the music. I had gotten drunker, but I did not fall asleep. I’m sure I didn’t fall asleep, and yet I was surprised when I saw the public set list. Even though there are a lot of familiar songs and even songs I like listed there, I have no memory at all of having heard them at the event. Did I fall asleep, or was I just focused on feeling the particles of sound beyond those songs? I hope to go to the second session to investigate that question.

April 26th, 2017 (Wednesday)

Written by Hideyuki Okamoto

Immerse yourself in sound in the dark: New music event “Kurayami Records”

Second session scheduled

May 19th (Friday)

1st: 19:00~ (Performances scheduled to end at 20:30)

2nd: 21:00~ (Performances scheduled to end at 22:30)

Venue: Acoustic Live Hall TheGlee

Official website: http://kurayamirecords.com