Privacy Policy
Article 1. (General)

1. Sunborn Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "this company"), the administrator of machibito (hereinafter referred to as "this site"), shall respect the privacy of the user of this site (hereinafter referred to as "user") and shall manage the personal information of the user with the utmost care.

2. This company defines the policy to responsibly protect the personal information of the user as described below, and shall execute/maintain measures and continue to improve such measures. This company shall comply with the rules, regulations and other guidelines related to the protection of personal information.

Article 2. (Personal information)

1. Personal Information as described in this privacy policy refers to information related to living persons as stated in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and to information that allows the identification of a specific individual through name, address, telephone number, email address and any other description, etc., (including information that can be easily reconciled with other information that will allow the identification of a specific individual.)

Article 3. (Collection of personal information and purpose of use)

1. This company shall obtain personal information for the purpose of use described below, using legal and just means, and shall not take illegal action to obtain information against the will of the user.

(1)Response/reply to a user inquiry or a consultation. (2)Caution or warning provided to a user that violated or took action that may have the risk of violating the rules, etc., on this site.

Article 4. (The use of cookies, etc. by this company)

1. A cookie is a technology used by the web site to send data to the user's browser, and it is possible that the data sent to the user's system may be saved. This site contains pages that use cookies as well.

2. The user may reject the use of this office's cookies, etc., by setting the browser to disable cookies, etc. However, the user must take note that if cookies, etc., are disabled there is the possibility of a failure when the user checks the usage status of any service, etc.

Article 5. (Provision of personal information to a third party)

1. This company shall not disclose or provide the personal information, etc., collected based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, to a third party, provided however, that the following events do not apply.

(1)Agreement has been obtained from the user. (2)The individual cannot be identified and the data is provided as statistics. (3)Disclosure of the data is approved by law. (4)Disclosure of the data is requested by law. (5)If the data is required for the biological, physical or financial protection of the individual, and when it is difficult to obtain agreement from the individual. (6)When disclosure is requested by a public organization, etc., such as the police, the prosecutor, the court, the consumer affairs bureau, etc.

Article 6. (Management of personal information)

1. This company shall take strict measures to manage personal information, etc., and endeavor to maintain confidentiality, based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. However, this company shall not guarantee the full prevention of the user's information from leakage, loss or alterations by another party, etc.

Article 7. (Indemnity)

1. This company shall not be in any way responsible if a third party obtains a user's personal information in the event of the following.

(1)When the user discloses personal information to a third party using a function on this site or through other means. (2)When the user confirms the acquisition of personal information by the said third party. (3)When personal information is obtained from another site that is linked from this site.

2. This company shall not be responsible for the protection of privacy on websites linked from this site. The user shall be responsible for any visit to a linked site.